Weight and diet is everything

514_400x400_Peel (2)I know I stated that I was going to continue my juice fast for breakfast and lunch well…..WHAT HAD HAPPEN WAS……lol….. I started  taking my weight training really serious and in doing so I have to eat at least 6 times a day and work on eating enough protein to gain muscle. So I have canceled out the juice fast for right now so that I can channel my energy into eating a healthy high protein vegan diet. This new diet will give me more energy so that I am able to build muscle and lose fat. I have found that this journey  has not only transformed my body but it has also transformed my mind. The funny thing is weight training was never apart of my journey  it just happened, and at first I struggled with it and thought yea/nah and then I said to myself phuckit let’s do it ….. I know that sounds strange and it feels strange because everything about this weight training journey is nothing that I thought that I was or that I could be. This journey has been an amazing journey because again it has shown me how weak/strong I really am so please stay tuned there is more to come because I have only just began.

See my menu for the week below I found this food plan on http://veganbodybuilding.com/ check it our if you are vegan or non vegan it’s a really great site with amazing information.

7AM Large bowl of oats Vega Smoothie Infusion (protein, fiber, greens, essential fats) 2 Bananas Vitamin and mineral supplements 24oz water

10AM Protein or Meal Replacement shakephoto 2 whole pieces of fruit 20oz water

1PM Veggie sandwich Bowl of potatoes, broccoli, carrots. 24oz water

4PM Mixed raw nuts, unsalted (cashews, walnuts, almonds) 2 energy/protein bars (Organic Food Bar, Vega Bar or Pro Bar) 20oz water

7PM Vegetable stir-fry with quinoa and mango chutney Spinach, lettuce, cabbage salad w/kidney beans/chickpeas 12oz chocolate almond milk 24oz water

10PM Protein or Meal Replacement shake

Apples or dates with coconut oil 16oz water

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