Moonlight Run

2011 Douglasville Moonlight Race

I ran  the 33rd Annual City of Douglasville, GA 5k Moonlight Run on Oct 20th 2012, This race was my very first 5k race in 2011. I started running last year (2011) with a running group of beautiful black women, while running with this group I was inspired and motivated to run my very first race. I was turning 40 in 2011 so I told myself I wanted to run my first race before I turned 40. ”I DID”I  have been running now for a year and two months and it has been an amazing journey I have  lost weight and found my self. Running has given me life  and I wish I would have started running a long time ago.

I started running because I wanted to take control of my health, I run 3 to 4 days a week. I also Track my calories on myfitnesspal this helps me to stay within my calorie intake. I have been eating healthy for months and have always had the desire to give up meat, I did give up meat in 2010 for 6 months and loved it but fell off and started eating meat again. I began my research on vegetarian living again on how to make sure I am getting enough protein to stay a healthy vegetarian runner. I equipped myself with the knowledge to move forward with my goal and woke up Aug 10th 2012 and stopped eating  meat. It has been 90 days  and I feel amazing.( I will blog about my vegetarian life in a further blog..) vegetarian is not for everyone but it has worked for me, I am loving my new healthy lifestyle If I can make these changes in my life any body can all you have to do is want it and believe in yourself. I would  suggest that you get a support group such as running, walking, zumba, and a trainer that way you will stay motived. If you decide to take on the challenge good luck to you….you can do it

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