My weightloss part 2

beforenafterI featured my weight loss story back in May 2013 here is the link so you can read it . I was so afraid of sharing my before picture because I did not want people to see how much weight I had gained. Even though I had lost the weight I did not want people to see that I had gotten out of control. I finally decided to release my weight-loss article when I read a quote on Facebook that said “Do not be ashamed of your past, because you may inspire some one” . Though this journey I have insprised, coached and helped people to start juicing and living a healthier lifestyle. In helping others I have been able to reflect on how far I have come.


Who I was before I became healthy

  • I loved sweets. (candy,chocolate,chips,cookies)
  • I was very uneducated (did not read labels)
  • I feared what I became (overweight)
  • I was a couch potato ( NO.walk,run,yoga,weights)
  • I was so lazy ( Tv,internet,books,eating)
  • I was an emotional eater.(ate when sad or depressed)

How I have grown since becoming healthy unnamed

  • Research is key (cook books,documentary, blogs,you tube.)
  • I am a  vegan
  • I have been featured on 6 different weight loss platforms.
  • I am a vegan chef (wannabe that
  • I have lost a total of 65 pounds since 2009
  • Lost a total of 6 sizes since 2009
  • Started juicing in June 2013
  • Completed a 60 day juice fast
  • Watch health documentaries.
  • Weight train 3 days a week.
  • Cook every day.
  • Do not eat processed foods.
  • Juice breakfast and lunch.
  • Walk/run/ride bike/yoga.

I have learned a lot about myself though this weight loss journey and that I am much stronger than I thought I was. If can make this change and live a healthy life style so can you. If you have any questions please feel free to email me


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