What is Psyllium Husks?

2013-04-15 19.57.44I started using pysllium husk about a year ago when I learned all of its benefits. I add it to my green smoothies and cereal.

What is Psyllium Husk you asked?

It has anti-inflammatory properties, and can be beneficial for those with diabetes.

It has been shown that Psyllium Husk can

Improve lipid control in Type 2 diabetes.

Aid in weight loss control

Maintains healthy cholesterol levels

Maintains healthy blood pressure levels

Treat IBS, and hemorrhoids.

Treat yeast infections.

It pushes out mucoid plaque.

photoPsyllium Husks prevents constipation and promotes colon health, The natural fiber in Psyllium increases the weight of our bowels, and acts as a safe laxative.

  • Make sure you consume it with liquid. Do not eat it alone as it can cause digestive problems. You can mix Psyllium Husk with  anything just
  • make sure you consume plenty of liquid before and afterwards. Psyllium Husk can cause dehydration.

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