Tiffany Young

Tiffany young’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

ty7I would like to introduce you to Tiffany Young.. she was one of the first ladies that I met when I first started running back in 2011. I hope you enjoy her transformation story as I have enjoyed calling her a friend…From the Editor Tables

1. Tell the readers a little bit about your self? What do you want to know? :-)—>I’m Tiffany, 28 yrs old, married, and an Atlanta native. I like to go out, but I’m a homebody. I’m a girly girl, but I will still do outdoorsy things. I think I’m a foodie, but I don’t like cooking. I like to travel and eat foods authentic to the city. I like hanging at other people’s houses, but I rarely invite others to my own. I’m shy, but can be outgoing. I like shopping, but not at the mall.

2)What motivated you to begin to lose weight ?ty99 I did not realize that I was overweight until one day, I went to the doctor for my annual physical. All I know is, the last time I weighed myself I was somewhere around 180, as I did not own a scale. 180 lbs wasn’t alarming to me. I guess because I thought I was considered “thick” by the guys (ha!) and I was STILL wearing the same size 12. Well, I stepped on the scale that day and it said 2-0-5lbs! It’s something about numbers, but that number is what really scared me straight. I’d never seen 2 anything on the scale. Keep in mind, I’m only 5’4.

_B5P5273-M3. How did you lose the weight?
It took a while to really figure out how to lose the weight. The first thing I did was stop taking birth control. I really think that was 60% of the reason that I blew up so quickly. My eating habits were always the same, although not great. I worked with young children and was always on my feet. I was not an athlete, but I was not sedentary either.
62191_10151111398496529_2135567504_nI started by going to the gym Monday through Friday during lunch, working out on the elliptical, at the same intensity level for 30 minutes, but was still eating the same things. After 6 months and losing maybe 3 lbs, um, I realized that wasn’t working. I happened to be watching the Lifetime channel one day, and there was a new show on called, “Cook Yourself Thin“. It was all about cooking alternative recipes for typical foods we enjoy that were extremely lower in calories. I.E., They had a chocolate cake recipe that was made with beets instead of whatever you would normally put in chocolate cake (I don’t bake :) ). So, for about 2-3 weeks, I cooked nothing but the recipes that was on the show for dinner only. In the midst, I randomly found this calorie counting app on my iPhone called ‘Lose IT’. Before, I wasn’t for or against counting calories, I hadn’t really heard about it much, but I started counting calories and after those 2-3 weeks, I had lost 15 lbs. I was astonished and that’s when 318036_10151200848466529_811754185_nI realized, it’s what I was eating that was keeping the weight on before. From there, I slowly started working out more, using DVDs, free On Demand workouts, the Wii, and walking.
4. What or who inspires you to run?
I’d always admired the runners physique. I wanted to run in high school, but was too shy and I didn’t want to wear those little shorts, plus I didn’t even like to sweat. I started to struggle with losing the last 10 lbs before reaching my goal so I finally decided to give running a try to switch things up.
5. When did you run your first half?
I ran my first half marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans, in February 2012.
6. How much weight did you lose, how long did it take?
I lost 60 lbs and it took a year and a half.
photo7. How does it feel to have lost that amount of weight?
Most of all I feel proud and way more confident than I’ve ever been in my life. I did something so many people complain about everyday, but hadn’t figured out how to finally do something about and stick with it. I’m even more proud that I did it without following a fad diet, taking pills, and without depending on others. Most people never knew NOR asked what I was doing. They just knew I kept getting smaller after and then I just started posting group run and race pictures on Facebook out of no where, lol. I even got the “are you sick?” question.
8. What races do you have coming up next?
At the moment, I don’t have any races planned. I may do the Sickle Cell Run/Walk in April, but I haven’t decided yet.
9. How long have you been married?
I’ve been married for 4 years and 7 months.
10.Can you tell the readers how to get started running?
I would recommend walk/run intervals to get started. Walk for a little, run for a little, until you are able to run longer each time. Use visual points to keep track of your progress. If you’re into following programs, 

Tiffany and I

Tiffany and I

try the popular 9-week program, Couch to 5k. That’s what I used. That app helps you to run 30 minutes without stopping or to run a 5k in at least 30 minutes. After becoming consistent and deciding this is something you’re going to stick with over the long haul, I would recommend being properly fitted for actual running shoes if you haven’t already.

11. What did you eat to lose weight?
I ate what I wanted, just in moderation. Above, I mentioned I counted calories. Well, for example, I started out still eating hamburger helper, but I would cook it with ground turkey instead of beef and I’d eat ONE serving size instead of piling my plate until I became full. As I continued to learn more about food, I slowly left the boxed a.k.a. processed foods alone and shopped more around the perimeter of the grocery store.
Thank you Tiffany for sharing your story I know that it has encouraged someone who has been  struggling with their weight. God has no respectable person he gives us all the will to change the things that we can about ourselves….. and weight is one blessed my friends and believe in your self I do…..From The Editors Table

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