Rikki Dee

ebony fitnessI was so thrilled when I found Ebony fitness account on instagram. This page is dedicated to men and woman of color that are into fitness. When I  found the page I submitted my weight loss story and I was so excited to find that I been featured back in 2013. After following the account  I really wanted to share the owner’s story….See below Rikki Dee’s story of how Ebony fitness came to life.

Rikki Dee, Creator of Ebony fitness resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Marcell & their 7-year-old Pomeranian, Yoshi.In the fall of 2012 I suffered an injury to my right foot which immobilized me for nearly 16 weeks. During that time, my muscles in my legs would atrophy whereas many people would gain weight, I actually lost weight. I am naturally a slim person, with the metabolism of a hummingbird, and had hovered between 117 and 118 lbs since high school but I got down to 113lbs and hated the way I looked… to make matters worse I was hosting my 30th birthday party in a few months.

MainHeadshot2014I decided to get in and stay in the best shape of my life as soon as I was cleared to work out. I immediately started looking for inspiration on the Instagram fitness accounts I followed. But the problem I encountered was that there was no one who looked like me, with my body type, or with similar goals. I was sickened by that startling discovery and started searching for men and women of color that I could relate to. They were not hard to find… just hard to come across on the popular fitness accounts. I pulled the name @Ebony_fitness out of thin air and just started posting all of the beautiful cocoa brown, black as night, high-yellow, red bone and butter pecan colored bodies that I could find. It never mattered to me where someone was in their fitness journey because I respected  all “Men and Women of Color Dedicated to a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle”… plain and simple.

Today @Ebony_fitness, essentially a “shoutout or sfs (shout for shout) account” has nearly 22,000 dedicated followers and counting. FitnessShotThe website is underway and new projects are developing.

As a Health & Fitness Advocate for minorities my ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between the mainstream fitness world while educating, motivating and inspiring change in our communities. I am helping to re-shape society’s view of fitness and give usm rebuilding my body and currently weighing a healthy 128 lbs.

You can follow Rikki at the below social media platforms:

@Email: EbonyFitFm@gmail.com  Facebook www.Facebook.com/EbonyFitFam

Instagram www.Instagram.com/Ebony_fitness

Thank you so much Rikki for all that you are doing in the African-American communities: Keep inspiring, motivating and encouraging people of color to get off the couch and into the gym…….

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