Janet Riascos

Janet Riascos fit&fineat 48! See how she did it

1378801_374896219310193_702312235_n (1)I have told my weight loss story and have shared it on several different platforms. After doing so I became inspired  by so many other beautiful people that are losing weight and getting healthy every day. So going forward I use my platform to share,encourage and motived others to get moving.

I would like to introduce to you Janet Riascos a 48 year who has proven that it is never to late to get back in shape…….

1. What was your aha in understanding you needed to lose weight? I saw that number on the scale that read 163 pounds. Along with getting winded when I walking up a flight of stairs.

2. How did you lose the weight? I lost the weight with the Beach Body challenge it is a combination of workout DVDs and Shakeology.

3. How much have you lost to date? I have lost 27 pounds and I have about 10 more to go until I reach my goal.

4.What keeps you motivated? What keeps me  is my children and becoming a Beachbody coach to pay it forward to others so we can end the obesity trend.

5. Are your family members supportive? Yes, my children and my husband are very supportive.

6. What were your set backs? Really this time around I haven’t had any the Beachbody challenge group is a very motivating team.

1095024_354263228040159_267691600_n7.What can you tell someone who is struggle to lose weight? I would say it is definitely hard work but it can be done. It  will be a lifestyle change and learning how to eat differently. We need to end this trend of obesity for ourselves and our families for generations to come. At age 48, I have done things that I did not even do in my 20s. This pass summer I did the Color Me Run 5k and Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium, and my time was 34mins.

Thank you so much Janet for taking the time to share your story. I know you have inspired me and I am sure you have encouraged others to get to moving and get healthy. Good luck to you on your journey and I wish you much success.

you can follow Janet at www.facebook.com/CoachJanetRiascos  for more inspiration.


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