Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum



2013-04-10 18.12.49The name of the product is Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum it will make your lashes/brows grow fuller and stronger.It works on lower and upper lashes. You will need to use it once a day to see the growth.Fyskio is made with all natural ingredients and you will see double length and volume  in 8 weeks. Please see the below picture of my left eyebrow; the hair has not grown in over 10 years. One day I walked into a salon in the Buckhead,GA and asked to have my eyebrows plucked and this woman plucked all the hairs and some of my skin off, and it has not grown back to this day. I am really looking forward to using Fysiko Serum because I have read some great reviews about. In 8 weeks I will complete a follow-up post along with the before and after picture so that you will see the growth.for more information about this product please visit their website at www.fysikoLashes.com.

Before picture April 21,2013

Before picture April 21,2013

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