Robert Richardson weight loss story

20140318-203916.jpgWhen I opened my instragram account back in 2012 I was always looking for motivational fitness accounts to follow. Then In 2013 I found Transformationfitnation and this  account shares people’s inspirational weight loss stories. What most of transformationfitnation followers did not know is that the owner of the account Robert Richardson had a weight loss story of his own. Please see his story below and be aware that upon completion of reading his story you will be inspired, motivated and encouraged.

Robert Richardson Age:26 Height: 6’8” Before Weight:460 pounds

How I Gained It: My whole life I was known as “Big Guy” or “Big Boy” because I was always the oversized kid in school and in my family. Everyone thought I needed double portions of food because of my size, which would have been okay if it was veggies and not doughnuts.

In high school, my best friend (now fiancé), would push me to cut back and to slow down on the fast food and my unhealthy eating. I would try to stop myself from going to all-you-can-eat wing night at my favorite restaurant every week, but I loved the image of being 20140318-203935.jpg“Big Rob” in high school and with my friends.

Once high school football was over, I received a scholarship to play football for Morgan State University, where I played offensive tackle at a weight of 360 pounds. I didn’t just gain the Freshman 15, I ended up gaining 60 pounds, thanks to late-night orders of fried chicken and fries.

Breaking Point: My first wake-up call was when my headaches and chest pain were so bad during my junior season of college football that I had to go to the emergency room. In the emergency room, my blood pressure was 160/120, and the nurse was surprised that I hadn’t had a stroke. She rushed to give me medicine through an IV to get my blood pressure down.

20140318-203908.jpgThen, when I was visiting my then-girlfriend’s mother for the first time in El Paso, Texas, I became light-headed and weak while walking up and down the hills, and my vision became blurry. My girlfriend and her mother rushed me to the ER and my blood pressure was up to 170/110. I was at risk for a heart attack, so they admitted me for the night and prescribed me blood pressure medicine. My father has high blood pressure and is diabetic. That same year he had slipped into a coma because he wasn’t taking his health seriously. I realized my weight was holding me back from living my dream of one day playing in the NFL. I decided to make a change once I step foot off the plane.

How I Lost It: The day after returning home I decided to take a jog around a park that was 1.5 miles wide. I didn’t make it the second time around because I was laid out on the grass, angry and disappointed in myself for getting to this point of being so out of shape that I couldn’t walk fast for 1.5 miles. I decided to join a gym to lift weights to help my weight loss process. I was clueless at the gym, since I had never worked out without a trainer or coach to tell me what to do. A guy at the gym named Brandon changed my life forever. He trained with me for five days a week and also did cardio with me, pushing me and always keeping me motivated when20140318-203901.jpg I felt like there was no progress. After a year of working out with him, I went from a size 7XL in a shirt, 62 waist, to a 3XL shirt, and a 40 or 42 waist. Now, I wear a XXL shirt and have a 40-inch waist.

Our cardio routine was four times a week and very intense. He told me I needed to start cooking my own food and trying out healthy recipes and to stay away from fast food, fried food and sweets. I started to cook my meals and eat six times a day. I also started drinking two gallons of water a day.

Now, I have started a fitness business called Transformationfitnation. I share my story and those of others who had to fight through adversity to change their lives. Now, I can go hiking, mountain climbing and enjoy traveling. Before, when I would fly on planes, I would have to buy first class or two seats because of my size, and it was becoming costly. I am able to shop in regular retail stores, I can enjoy theme parks. I can live my new life.

Thank you Robert for sharing your story please continue to motivate others. You can follow Robert @ Twitter: tfitnation , Facebook: Robert Richardson and Transformationfitnation on instagram to get your dose of daily inspiration.

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Rejecting the old and embracing the new!

bjfrazierOn This day I could feel God pushing me into a new season. The picture to the left is the mirror that showed me this. When I  looked at this picture I will admit that I could see that God was pushing me out of my comfort zone.

I was really feeling my new afro so I posted the picture on my face book page.My brother liked it so he added my blog name and tag line to it…….I loved it. It is such a beautiful thing when your family/friends can see that you are moving into a new season in your life. 1901385_426097847536251_438130261_nHe called me and  said you look so carefree” . Sometimes the people in your life will hold onto to who you  were and we have to be careful not to allow others to stop us from walking into our God given destiny. It will be uncomfortable at first but when a man begins to embrace the new and reject the old others  have no other choice but to do the same.

Lov’n it live vegan restaurant review!

Me and my brother Scott Lane at Lov'n it live resturant

Me and my brother Scott Lane at Lov’n it live restaurant

I had a meeting with my brother (Scott Lane ) to help him setup his blog(look for it soon it will be very inspirational) so I asked if he mind going to a vegan restaurant to create his vision?

He didn’t mind!…..(He lives a very healthy  non-vegan lifestyle) So I wanted to check out LOV’N IT LIVE vegan restaurant. It is located at 2796 East Point St. East Point, GA 30344.You can also visit their website at for more information.

The restaurant has great accommodations for your wi-fi needs and the waitress was very nice and welcoming. I bought the grape apple juice and my brother bought the stuffed avocado and the sea moss juice. Be aware that they will add a $5 dollar fee to your bill for dining in ….:(…..we were not ready for that I have not seen that before. The appetizers, soups and salads range from $12-$16.50. I would recommend LOV’N IT LIVE If this post influences you to check out this spot I would love to hear about your experience. You can send me an email or leave a comment below.

Veggie pasta salad

I was craving a pasta salad a few weeks ago so made I this veggie pasta salad and the hubster and I ate this big bowl of pasta in 2 days. Since becoming a vegan I have found that I need to make my own version of just about everything that I love. If you make this veggie pasta salad please tag me on your post on Facebook @ Journey of a chocolate chic  or instagram @journeyofachocolatechic1 good luck my beauties.

1 box of pasta

Veggie pasta salad

Veggie pasta salad

3 large carrots

4 small tomato

1 large onion

4 celery sticks

1 large cucumber

half bottom of  italian dressing

Weight training and diet is everything!

514_400x400_Peel (2)I know I stated that I was going to continue my juice fast for breakfast and lunch well…..WHAT HAD HAPPEN WAS……lol….. I started  taking my weight training really serious and in doing so I have to eat at least 6 times a day and work on eating enough protein to gain muscle. So I have canceled out the juice fast for right now so that I can channel my energy into eating a healthy high protein vegan diet. This new diet will give me more energy so that I am able to build muscle and lose fat. I have found that this journey  has not only transformed my body but it has also transformed my mind. The funny thing is weight training was never apart of my journey  it just happened, and at first I struggled with it and thought yea/nah and then I said to myself phuckit let’s do it ….. I know that sounds strange and it feels strange because everything about this weight training journey is nothing that I thought that I was or that I could be. This journey has been an amazing journey because again it has shown me how weak/strong I really am so please stay tuned there is more to come because I have only just began.

See my menu for the week below I found this food plan on check it our if you are vegan or non vegan it’s a really great site with amazing information.

Large bowl of oats
Vega Smoothie Infusion (protein, fiber, greens, essential fats)
2 Bananas
Vitamin and mineral supplements
24oz water

Protein or Meal Replacement shakephoto
2 whole pieces of fruit
20oz water

Veggie sandwich
Bowl of potatoes, broccoli, carrots.
24oz water

Mixed raw nuts, unsalted (cashews, walnuts, almonds)
2 energy/protein bars (Organic Food Bar, Vega Bar or Pro Bar)
20oz water

Vegetable stir-fry with quinoa and mango chutney
Spinach, lettuce, cabbage salad w/kidney beans/chickpeas
12oz chocolate almond milk
24oz water

Protein or Meal Replacement shake

Apples or dates with coconut oil
16oz water

Who said a Vegan can’t be a body builder?

If you have been following my post the last few weeks then you know that I am currently into week 11 of a 12 week weight training program. So I begin researching vegan body builders and I found Jehina Malik Check out her story it will inspire you vegan or non-vegan.

“She lifts do you?”

journeyofachocolatechicA few weeks ago I started a 12 week online weight training program and it has been hands down one of the most challenging fitness journey to date. This training has shown me how weak/strong I really am. I started the program because I wanted to build muscle so I started researching weight training programs online. I also begin to  ask friends for suggestions and one of friends shared this website  So I begin to check out all of the trainers on the site and choose the Jamie Eason program. Jamie’s program promises to help you to lose body fat along with gaining muscles and this is exactly what I was I was looking for. A few thA4HT4Q21weeks into the program and I begin to noticed that I was getting stronger and leaner…YES…… but don’t get me wrong I have not arrived I am still a work in progress.  I often think what if I would have started this program along with my weight loss program would I have reached my fitness goals by now?  Then I think “She, I ,her was not ready then. Every season comes with new challenges and this weight training program is my new challenge so please stay tuned for the good/bad and the ugly. If you have any questions please leave your questions below within the comment section or you can send me an email to

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