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Learning Styles Preferences for Belinda Frazier

50% Visual

17% Auditory

33% Kinesthetic

So what does each style mean? How do you use your learning styles to reach your highest potential?

Visual Learners

If your highest percentage is visual, you prefer to think in pictures or movies. This style is most effective when you want to create and recall images when you read, or when you are taking a written test.

School caters to highly visual learners because they make images when taking written tests, and can retrieve the information they learned much faster. The old adage, “one picture is worth a thousand words” is true for visual learners. Visual learners tend to be neat and organized and their learning style preference tends to most closely match most educational and company working environments.

Auditory Learners

If your highest preference is auditory, you prefer to learn by listening and often recall the words you’ve heard in your mind. If you are taking a written test, this tends to slow you down because you are speaking to yourself as you read. For faster learning results, read on to find out more in the Instant Learning® For Amazing Grades E-book below.

Kinesthetic Learners

If your highest preference is kinesthetic, you prefer to be a hands-on learner and most likely love to move around frequently, like athletics, and to build things with your hands. Be grateful for your talents and also, it is important to know that most company and school environments cater to people whose highest learning style preference is visual. To find out specifically how to empower yourself to add some visual learning style techniques to make your life easier in school or at work, see the Instant Learning® For Amazing Grades E-Book below.

Read below for a definition of each learning style.

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30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

2013-01-07 05.48.2830 Day Green Smoothie Challange

January 7th I embarked on a 30 day green smoothie challenge those of you that follow my blog know that I will take on a challenge at any given moment….lol… Today happens to be day 5 and my body has adjusted to the two smoothies a day. Continue reading

The Abundance Test

I took a personality test, “The Abundance Test”, and I got 68 to 83 percent.”.

Belinda Frazier’s Results:
68 – 83 Your abundance score is 68 to 83 percent.(Read below how I can make my abundance score higher)
“To increase your abundance score, invest more time identifying the “real more” that you really want. Ask yourself, “What do I really value?” And, “What is sacred to me?” And, “What do I love?” The more honest you are with yourself, the more you will realize what you truly want and what you already have. “You can never get enough of what you don’t need to make you happy,” philosopher Eric Hoffer said. The clearer you are, the less obstacles and distractions you will meet.”
What I plan on dong to increase my abundance :
  • Invest more time with me and begin to assess what I really want.
  • Research my values and what I believe to be true.
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What gives me joy?
  • What am I passionate about?
  •  Learn to be more honest with my self.
  • Find my own truth and disregard others truth about me.

I will take my time completing this task. Once complete I will share my challenges,struggles,success as well as my failures in redefining and redirecting the meaning of who I am. “The Abundance Test” may give everyone the same message I am not sure but I am glad that I took. It has given me a road map to focus on a better me for 2013 because none of us are perfect and we never will be. One thing that we all want is to be happy and find contentment within our lives and to do that we must know who we are. If you take the test and want to share your results with my readers email me at journeyofachocolatechic.wordpress. Or if you just want to comment your results that is fine as well.Happy test taking its only a min test… JUST DO IT!!!!!!!

via The Abundance Test.

My Fitness motivational photos

Bloggers Retreat “2011”

Bloggers Mini Retreat was an informational retreat that was hosted by Andrea Amir and the panel was full of knowledgeable bloggers.


  • Branding, Staying in Your Lane by Danyelle Little aka The Cubicle chic.
  • All it’s Possibilities by Lisa Richardson.
  • The Who, What, Why, How, When by Jen Lawrence.

A few things I learned

How to Brand yourself  and how it helps people to know who you are and what you do. Once you brand yourself stick to that niche know what it is and how to explain it at any given moment.

Focus  on not making branding mistakes most bloggers do not like to talk about what they do because they do not want to look like they are bragging but you must talk about your success so that people know who you are.

Having a mentor  to help guide you though the beginning process would be a great benefit.

Lisa Richardson was that mentor for me after the retreat she showed me how to convert my blogspot.com to word press.com and on Tuesday March 21 2011 I converted  to word press thanks to Lisa.

Thank you  Andrea for a very informational Retreat I am using all the information for my 2013 blogger life.

January Fitness Challenge Sponsored by fitspobook

January 2013 Challenge

I am taking on other challenge from fitspobook. This challenge starts January 1-January 31, 2013 wont you join me? I am excited about adding all these fitness routines to current routine. I will also continue doing the squats according to the Dec Challenge. I swear I have seen results….lol..

2012-12-25 17.34.00

To the left is a picture that I found on my instagram account and I thought wow this woman understood what it meant to add squats to her fitness journey because she has had great results. Now I know it takes time for everything so I am not looking for an immediate result but it sure would be nice….

My 31 Day Squat -A-Thon Results

2012-12-31 23.38.17The picture to left is a picture of my buns after the Dec squat a thon Challenge I see a big different. This is also my before picture for the January Squat-A.Thon starting Jan 1-Jan 31, 2013. I am so excited for this challenge because this means I would have committed to 62 days of squats which means my buns will begin to look a like the above.:)…I have on a dress I know I should have had on some running tights but I wanted to take the picture while it was on my mind.

My Jan 1-Jan 31, Challenges Join me if you like

1. January  Squat-a thon  Challenge

2. January Fitness Challenge above

3. 400 sit ups a day.

4. run 3 days a week.

5.Weight train Three days a week.

I will post pictures of me doing all of the above starting Jan 1,2013 this will help me to stay accountable as well as share my fitness journey along the way.I should see all kind of results come  January 31,2013. If you want change then you must first change.

My Vision Board “2013”

My 2013 Vision Board is complete I am so excited that I finished it before the new year. I choose the color red as my background because I wanted to hit the new year running with color. I used black as my border because I wanted to add words around the frame that represents me. My Vision "2013"It took me about a week to cut out all the clipping because I knew what I was looking for. Once I had all the clipping together I placed them on the board (without the glue first to see if it was my vision). Some of the clipping did not fit as I thought so  I trashed a few of them. I learned that cutting the clipping out was one thing but putting them all together to represent my vision was other. I am pleased with the finished project and I am praying that I will complete all of these goals. If I don’t…… because we know that life happens then I will try it again just as long as I don’t give up on my vision it shall come to past. Be blessed my beautiful readers and Happy New year to you and your family from me and mine…..BjFrazier

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