Natural Beauty of the week

20131115-123205.jpgThis natural beauty that I am interviewing today is a beauty that I have been following on Facebook and Instagram and she is one of the most positive sistas that I know please enjoy her journey.

1. Tell the readers about yourself.

Hello beautiful people! My name is Cherese, also known as Afrophire. I am a proud Navy wife first and happy blogger second. I choose to blog about natural hair and my life because they are two of my favorite things to discuss. I love to inspire others through sharing my personal experiences.

2. How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging October 6th, 2012. I have been blogging for a year and loving it! I started as an informative platform and creative outlet for me after having to leave a great job due to my husband’s relocation to Florida. It originated as a way to share my natural hair journey and has evolved into a place where I can connect and share with so many positive people around the world.

3. How long have you been vegetarian?

While my diet is vegetarian, I do incorporate fish as well which makes me a pescatarian. I have been a pescatarian for a year and eight months. My natural hair journey is what sparked an overall transformation in my lifestyle. I learned what it really means to love myself and being healthy is a part of my self-love.20131115-123142.jpg

4. How long have you been married?

I have been married to my sailor, high school sweetheart, and soul mate for 4 years. We’ve been together for 9 years and are still crazy about one another. Marriage has taught us so much about how to make our relationship a lasting one. We’ve found that communication, compromise, and teamwork are vital in the success of our marriage.

5. How do you manage to stay so positive?

My positive attitude is a choice that I make every day. I make the conscientious decision to be a positive person because my goal is to spread love to each and every person that I encounter. In the past, I really had a hard time accepting myself. I’ve worked really hard to wake up and realize that I am a beautiful and wonderful person who deserves to be treated as such. God has blessed me and I want to pour the love that He’s given me into others.

6. Who or what motivates you?

I would have to say that my overall motivation comes from God. He has given me a heart that wants to see people rise and be the best that they can be. I love when someone says that I inspired them to make a positive change. When I hear the words “You inspire me” my spirit says, “Aaaah…That’s it! That’s my purpose.” And that feeling is what keeps me going.

20131115-123227.jpg7. What’s your social media sites so readers can follow you?

You are more than welcome to connect with me on the following social networks:








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