My Natural Hair Journey

photoI have been natural for 5 years this coming September 2014 and it has been both challenging and rewarding all at the same time. In 2008 I was laid off so I begin to lose myself into cooking unhealthy foods every day to fill the void.

Then I had an aha moment about how I needed to lose weight… this link to find out how I lost the weight . Losing weight and continue to get a relaxer no longer made sense to me. I would get a relaxer and it would sweat out within the same week.For one I was laid off so I did not have money to waste and two I wanted to be healthy not worry about being cute…. REAL TALK….I then begin to do my research on transitioning to natural and I found ” Natural Hair bloggers and you tubers they would explain step by step on how to  transition. Watching the videos and reading the blogs helped me to begin to embrace my natural.  After doing my research I then begin to transition and the first couple months was the hardest part of the journey so I wore braids to continue educating myself on how to care for my new-found natural.( It feels strange to say that I was unaware of how to manage the hair that grows from my roots right…????)…. After all of my researching I knew that it was time to do “The big Chop” and in doing so I felt both fear and fierceness. After the ” The Big Chop” I looked in the mirror and I had so many emotions going on like disbelief, what will other people think? and then the longer I looked I begin to see the beauty that I had longed to see within this journey. Five years natural has helped me to find myself and begin to  live my life with no apologizes for who I have become.

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