Revolution Doughnuts &Coffee

2013-12-07 12.35.41Since going vegan a few months back I have had vegan cookies and vegan cupcakes but not doughnuts. I was craving a good ole doughnut. So I begin to research vegan bakery in the Atlanta Metro area and found this beautiful place called revolution doughnuts. The phone number is 678-927-9920 and the address is 908 W. College Ave 30030. The hubby and I arrived and it was beautiful to see all the array of choices that I had to choose from. Along with the fact that the bakery was so packed that we had nowhere to sit so I had to get my fix to go…… This bakery not only sold vegan doughnuts but they also had doughnuts for the non-vegan. I love to see when a bakery caters to everyone. I ordered the below vegan pecan almond doughnut and it was pretty good… a little sweet with a lot bread. (I have not eaten bread in a while so this huge doughnut was a bit overwhelming so I  split it in half with the hubby. I will go back and try other flavor when I feel the need for a fix.

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