Dough Bakery Review

2014 I plan to visit as many vegan spots that  I can because I am on a mission to show and tell that going vegan does not mean that you don’t eat what you love. What it means is that you eat what you love a little bite more healthier. My first vegan spot of the year was dough bakery I went with  one of my friends Tiffany Celeste. (We were meeting to film my very first you tube video… Stay tuned for my new channel) I must say that I really like the place in the front they had tables and chairs like any other bakery. But in the back of the spot they have big home like couches and comfortable arm chairs oh and be sure to bring your laptop or ipad because they offer free wi-fi. I ordered potato salad, chocolate chip cookies and two honey buns to go (One for the hubby) He loved it…:)… I also had an organic soda it was my first soda in a few years I just wanted to see what I was missing. Tiffany ordered the soup of the day along with a lemonade.

Dough Bakery

Check out their website at and they are located at

100 Hurt St. x Dekalb Ave. Atlanta, GA 30307 (404) 380-1400 their Facebook page is

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