My journey

My good,bad&ugly of living a Vegan Lifestyle

I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan lifestyle 3 months ago and boy has it been a journey.

The bad

  • I am in the grocery so much longer now.
  • I have to read every label to make sure it is dairy free.
  • I am always online researching vegan options.
  • I have to go to specialty stores to get certain items and they are 45 min away.

The ugly

  • I have failed on so many vegan recipes.
  • Some vegan foods are just NOT for me.
  • Going out to eat is a challenge SOMETIMES.
  • When people ask why are you vegan?  ME:BLANK STARE
  • When people ask don’t you miss eating meat? ME:BLANK STARE

The good

  • I feel a whole lot better.
  • My skin is so clear.
  • people tell me I look 20 years younger (I am 42).
  • I love cooking new recipes that non-vegans love (hubby)
  • I love going to new vegan restaurants.
  • I love who I am becoming.
  • I have lose weight.
  • I am in the best shape of my life.
  • I love the detox feeling.
  • I love fresh juice.
  • I love green smoothies.
  • I can eat what I love just vegan style.
  • I love eating healthy.
  • I love the challenge.
  • I have met some great vegans on-line.
  • I get emails asking for guidance.

The good out weigh the bad & ugly  every thing in life  is not perfect and I wanted to make sure that anyone that is thinking of transitioning know that there will be some tough challenges.

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