The Benefits of Juicing

I have blogged in the past about my green smoothie challenges for those that follow me know that I am the green smoothie queen. For the last three months now I have been juicing and I feel amazing (I completed the 60 day juice fast not to long ago, that will be a blog of its own later in the month I will discuss)I bought the Jack Langley juicer that you see on the left and I love it.

QUESTION:Where do you buy your fruits and veggies

ANSWER: A farmers market in my area

QUESTION:Have you lost weight juicing?

ANSWER: Yes but since I do not get on the scale I do not know how much.

QUESTION: Do you supplement your juice for a meal?



ANSWER: No you have to shop for what’s on sale.

See below a few of the benefits in juicing see below:

It’s an easy way to meet your fruit and veggie quotient.

It boosts your brain.

It gives you energy.

It reduces inflammation.

It detoxified your system.

It hydrates your body.

It helps you sleep better.

It wards off stress.

It builds bones.

It helps you live longer.

Helps you lose weight

Clear up acne

Grow your nails

Grow your hair

Check out a few of my juices over the past few months, I will post later all of my recipes and the juices that I love the most in a few weeks in the mean time if you have questions please feel free to send me an email


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