Petal’s Rose Resale Boutique

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPetal’s Rose – A Resale Boutique
1050 Richard D. Sailors Pkwy
Suite 900
I have had the pleasure of meeting Petergaye Rhodes just this year  I was looking for a place to consign all of my clothes. I found her and headed right out to her location. I walked into  her boutique..which felt very welcoming might I add. She was so nice and sweet and our relationship began to build at that very moment. She is offering a 10% off for mentioning Petal’s Rose interview on Journeyofachocolatechic blog; and an additional 5% off for liking ‘Petal’s Rose – A Resale Boutique’ on Facebook. She has some amazing pieces ladies you do not want to miss this deal.  Journey of a chocolate and  Petal’s Rose Resale Boutique has partnered together to bring you some exciting events… please stay tuned for more information. In the meantime please enjoy getting to know Petergaye.
1. Tell the readers a little bit about you? I am Petergaye Rhodes; wife of Dwayne Rhodes for the past 18 years and the proud  mother of four.  I have always wanted to open my own business. I was inspired by my parents Ivanhoe and Yvonne Ricketts. They own a Customs Brokerage business in Jamaica and their business, Ivanhoe Ricketts, Ltd; is still in operation  40 years later. I saw first hand the sacrifices, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAchallenges and benefits of owning your own business through my parents journey. They created a legacy for our family one in which I wanted to create for mine own. Although I knew I wanted to open my business, for many years I had no idea what type of business I wanted to own. Through prayer, fasting and a great suggestion from my husband, it became evident that Petal’s Rose Resale Boutique was the business for me.

2. Tell the readers about your store?

Petal’s Rose – A Resale Boutique is a consignment store that sells new and gently used ladies clothing, accessories, purses, shoes and a limited selection of home décor. At Petal’s Rose we value quality merchandise. We are very meticulous in selecting the most superior items to offer for sale. We recognize that ladies come  in all shapes and sizes, and for that reason we provide clothing in sizes 0 to 24. In our store you’ll find recognizable mall brands  (e.g. Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Jones New York, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Coach, etc). We value exceptional service; and this is what you will experience the moment you enter our store.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. How and why did you open your shop?

First, let me answer why we decided to open the store – The idea for Petal’s Rose originated out of necessity. I was laid off in June 2011. My husband was laid off for 2 months during that time as well, but he eventually found another position. After 7 months of not being able to secure a job, I got anxious and frustrated. In January 2012 my husband and I joined our church in praying and fasting. During that time I mentioned to my husband that I had purchased some clothing at a great price and I was thinking of consigning the clothes. He immediately suggested that I open a consignment store instead. This response seemed strange, because until then we had not talked about opening a boutique. To this day he has not been able to conclusively say why he suggested this. I believe God used him as a vessel to answer my lingering question “what’s next for me”.

So how did we open the store? I would say we did it through hard work, prayer, and trust in God. There were so many things to consider – we had to secure sufficient inventory, and find a great location. We all know location is everything and identifying the right location would be very critical to the successOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA of the business. We did hours of online research. We researched other things such as how to negotiate a commercial contract, obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses; locating materials to use in preparing the location, etc. Google was our resource tool. When I met with commercial realtors I was able to ask insightful questions, thanks to the wealth of knowledge I gained from my online research. There were times when the obstacles appeared to be too great; in those challenging times we reminded each other to PRAY, TRUST and KEEP MOVING.

4.what are the challenges of owning your own business?

The greatest challenge we face immediately, is the need for extensive marketing and our meager budget.  Building traffic is a challenge for any new business; and we were no exception. It would be awesome to have a generous budget that would allow us to saturate the market with Petal’s Rose marketing material. But that’s not our reality right now. Customers who come to our store love what they see; they love to shop at Petal’s Rose and they love the warmth they feel once they enter our store. Our challenge is to make more customers aware of who we are and what we are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5. What is the best part about owning your own business?

It has to be the autonomy to implement policies and procedures that we feel are best for our store. In a corporate retail entity, decisions such as how to design the store, online and offline campaigns execution, and other decisions are dictated by ‘corporate’. Owning our own business encourages us to be creative in our daily management of the business. We’re constantly thinking of ways to reach a wider audience e.g. by having events in the store, partnering with local school PTSAs, distributing flyers, etc.

6. Tell the readers how consignment works?

Petal’s Rose utilizes a 90 day consignment cycle. Customers bring their quality new or gently used ladies clothing (size 0-24), jewelry or

shoes to consign. We’ll select the items that have the best potential to sell in our store. (Note: Brand name items sell very well).

The black and white sexxi item that I snagged...cute right!!!
The black and white sexxi item that I snagged…cute right!!!

Items are placed on the sales floor for 30 days. They are marked down by 25% if they are not sold within that timeframe. After 60 days the items are marked down by 50%. When the item sells (whether original or sale price), we’ll split the proceeds from the sale 50/50.

7. What events do you having coming up?

  • Easter Tea Party – Saturday March 30. 2pm to 6pm
  • Enjoy items marked down up to 75% off.

Petergaye Rhodes says: A big Thank You to our valued customers, consignees, friends and well wishers. We appreciate your ongoing support. If you’ve already been to our store, we look forward to seeing you again soon. And please tell your friends about us.we’re eager to meet new customers. Thanks

Journeyofachocolatechic audience may earn up to 15% off*

* 10% off for mentioning Petal’s Rose interview on Journeyofachocolatechic blog; additional 5% off for liking ‘Petal’s Rose – A Resale Boutique’ on Facebook.


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