Lorenza James by Elle Dove

Plorenza business card coverlease check out this beautiful Diva and her journey to starting her own business. I met Dove in February 2013 and we have stay connected ever since…. She  has two amazing give aways to two amazing readers……Enjoy her story as she moves into her destiny….. From The Editors Tables….

1. Talk to me about who you are?

Well my name is Le’Andra Dove but most people know me as Dove. I am an Atlanta native and since the third grade I have never wanted to be anything else but a fashion designer. Yes I know that’s pretty young but everything I did I made sure it had something to do with fashion and arts and crafts. My desire for fashion carried on to my college graduation date July 2012. After graduating I officially decided to become a full-figured fashion designer but I don’t discriminate I love dressing women of all shapes and sizes.

2. How long have you been in business?9888

I officially began my business February 8, 2013. But I have been creating garments for different projects and individuals for the past two years.My brand name is Lorenza James by Elle Dove. My brand name was inspired by both of my grandparents my mother’s mother and fathers father both of which were influential in my life. As I mentioned I am a full-figured designer. I cater to women between the sizes of 10-20 and M-2XL. My clothing is currently being sold at VLady Boutique in Riverdale GA. We have a great product mix which includes clothing and accessories with a range of scarves, jewelry. My clothing has a vintage minimalist feel with simple flattering silhouettes that easily flow from day to-night and also fits multiple lifestyles making it ageless and timeless.

dove3. Who inspires you?

There are no two people who are completely alike. Their style, personality, how they carry themselves nothing. They may have some similarities but nothing is alike. I love their differences especially individuals that go against the grain I consider these individuals true trendsetter.

4. What events  do you have coming up? Well we have some events that are in the works but have not been confirmed so they are top-secret as of right now but I always encourage people to follow me on my social media sites I’m always updating my pages.

The Give Away
The Give Away

5. Where is your shop located?. I have an online store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/LorenzaJamesbyElle and we are continuously adding items.

6. What are your challenges in owning your own business?

Great question. My challenge number one is staying motivated and positive. When choosing to start a business it can take so much out of you but its even worst when you have to deal with a direct negativity, but that’s where your thick skin comes in. If you are always letting people get you down your motivation, confidence and creativity will be affected which in turn affects your business. Once I let that go and stayed positive, positive people gravitated to me. I must say that I have truly been blessed this way.

The Give Away
The Give Away

The second is as a new designer having everyone tell me what to design ALL OF THE TIME lol. Working to articulate my vision is a little hard when everyone is constantly giving me their input. Although I value their advice and their input what people don’t know is that as a designer I am always working on the next idea and not what they see in front of them. Allow me to show you what I can do before you tell me what I should do.

7. What’s your motto? “Be positive and work”

To win the give aways please follow Journey Of A chocolate Blog and Facebook page… Also follow Dove’s Etsy page. A random winner will be selected the next few days. I would like to say thank you Dove for sharing your journey I know you will continue to be a successful….From the editors Table

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