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Sarah Orrico weight loss story

Check out Sarah’s story and see how she lost weight and took control of her health.
Sarah Orrico’s Weight loss Story
Basically I have always been overweight, ever since I can remember (I am 20). I have struggled with my weight all my life and tried basically everything. From fitness camps for two summers,  WeightWatchers, NutriSystem, and a personal trainer. I basically tried everything that I could at such a young age and nothing worked. I would lose weight with a  few of the above but I could never keep it off. Growing up as an overweight teen was really hard because I was bullied a lot and had horrible self-esteem issues.
Around Christmas time last year I was at my heaviest weight and I didn’t even want to leave the house or see my friends because I was really depressed.I heard about a weight loss surgery from my mom I was really apprehensive about it and did not want to do it because I had heard bad things from other people who had it. I did a lot of research and made the decision to met with a surgeon and he told me that it was definitely a possibility to do the surgery. He recommended the Gastric Bypass surgery because I was so young and overweight that this would be the best option for me (I was considering the Sleeve).20140324-145242.jpg I remember crying when we decided to do it because I could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel I finally felt like there was hope for me. We set a date for  (July 31st 2013).
I started working out and eating healthy to prepare myself for my new lifestyle.  I started  my weight loss journey on June 5th and lost 35 pounds before the surgery.
I had surgery on July 31st and I have lost a total of 129 pounds (98 pounds since surgery). I honestly am so happy with the decision I made. I don’t like telling a lot of people because I’m afraid people will think I “took the easy way out”, but you know what, I have honestly been through hell doing this. I have tried to lose weight the natural way and I just couldn’t succeed no matter how hard I tried I really needed an extra push. It has been one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. It is definitely NOT easy. I am so proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I am still continuing on my journey and can’t wait to see what happens in the future.
Thank you Sarah for taking the time to share your weight loss story  I wish you much success on this journey. If you would like to follow Sarah on her social media platforms for inspiration here are her handles
Instagram: sarahorrico and Twitter: _loud and
proud you will become




Weight training and diet is everything!

514_400x400_Peel (2)I know I stated that I was going to continue my juice fast for breakfast and lunch well…..WHAT HAD HAPPEN WAS……lol….. I started  taking my weight training really serious and in doing so I have to eat at least 6 times a day and work on eating enough protein to gain muscle. So I have canceled out the juice fast for right now so that I can channel my energy into eating a healthy high protein vegan diet. This new diet will give me more energy so that I am able to build muscle and lose fat. I have found that this journey  has not only transformed my body but it has also transformed my mind. The funny thing is weight training was never apart of my journey  it just happened, and at first I struggled with it and thought yea/nah and then I said to myself phuckit let’s do it ….. I know that sounds strange and it feels strange because everything about this weight training journey is nothing that I thought that I was or that I could be. This journey has been an amazing journey because again it has shown me how weak/strong I really am so please stay tuned there is more to come because I have only just began.

See my menu for the week below I found this food plan on check it our if you are vegan or non vegan it’s a really great site with amazing information.

Large bowl of oats
Vega Smoothie Infusion (protein, fiber, greens, essential fats)
2 Bananas
Vitamin and mineral supplements
24oz water

Protein or Meal Replacement shakephoto
2 whole pieces of fruit
20oz water

Veggie sandwich
Bowl of potatoes, broccoli, carrots.
24oz water

Mixed raw nuts, unsalted (cashews, walnuts, almonds)
2 energy/protein bars (Organic Food Bar, Vega Bar or Pro Bar)
20oz water

Vegetable stir-fry with quinoa and mango chutney
Spinach, lettuce, cabbage salad w/kidney beans/chickpeas
12oz chocolate almond milk
24oz water

Protein or Meal Replacement shake

Apples or dates with coconut oil
16oz water

“She lifts do you?”

journeyofachocolatechicA few weeks ago I started a 12 week online weight training program and it has been hands down one of the most challenging fitness journey to date. This training has shown me how weak/strong I really am. I started the program because I wanted to build muscle so I started researching weight training programs online. I also begin to  ask friends for suggestions and one of friends shared this website  So I begin to check out all of the trainers on the site and choose the Jamie Eason program. Jamie’s program promises to help you to lose body fat along with gaining muscles and this is exactly what I was I was looking for. A few thA4HT4Q21weeks into the program and I begin to noticed that I was getting stronger and leaner…YES…… but don’t get me wrong I have not arrived I am still a work in progress.  I often think what if I would have started this program along with my weight loss program would I have reached my fitness goals by now?  Then I think “She, I ,her was not ready then. Every season comes with new challenges and this weight training program is my new challenge so please stay tuned for the good/bad and the ugly. If you have any questions please leave your questions below within the comment section or you can send me an email to

60 day juice fast update!!!!

photo (1)I know that I stated I would start a 60 day juice fast on Jan 19, 2014.. “Well what had happen was”<<<<<< some are thinking what’s up with the broken English. This is just something that the African-American community use as they are trying to make up an excuse as to why they did not do something…lol. I did not start on the Jan 19. BUT I did start on Feb 3 and I had to make some changes to it. instead of a full day juice fast  I am only doing breakfast/lunch juice fast and eating a full vegan meal for dinner.

At first I felt like I was failing my readers and myself  but then I remembered something  My bishop Dale C Bronner wrote on face book a few days ago… ” Be teachable! Never assume that what God gave you for one season will work for all seasons. Trust him for the season that you are currently in.”  Once it became clear to me that I was in a new season I was  able to move on and begin to enjoy this journey please stay tuned I will share weekly updates

60 day Juice fast for a healthier you!!!!!

Mean Green juice

Mean Green juice

On Jan 19th I will embark on a 60 day juice fast, and I will record here once a week my successes and failures of this journey. Last year June 21-August 21 2013 I completed my very first 60 day juice fast.  It was one of the best decision that I had made in a long time. I wanted to fast because I had a few prayers before the Lord that I wanted answered. I was listening to Paula White and I remember her saying “that the only way to break certain yokes is though fasting and praying”. I knew this growing up as a PK (Preacher Kid) but I needed to hear it again. So I started preparing for a spiritually healthy juice fast.I will not lie to you and say that it was easy because it was not; it was one of the hardest yet gratifying journeys that I have completed.

What God revealed to me

Purpose,Healing,Clarity,Forgiveness,Self Control,Patient,Love

Peace,Contentment,integrity,To thy own self be true, Truth,life.

How my body was transformed

Weight loss,Clear skin,Energy,Look younger,Control,No more PMS,lost inches,Healthier eating,No sugar craving,Craved more juice,Became vegan,No desire for processed foods,No desire for fast foods,detox.

Healthy benefits of Juicing

Pine apple juice

Pine apple juice

Juicing allows the body to get  all of the nutrients that it needs. The juicer breaks up the cells within the fruits and veggies and separates it from the pulp which allows the juice to go right into your bloodstream. Juicing helps to Cleanse and flush out the toxins and free radicals in the body.

What juicing does for the body

Rejuvenate the body
Gives you  energy
Gives the digestive system a break
You gain Spiritual awareness
You begin to sleep better,aids in detoxification,strengthen the immune system improve skin,helps to slow the aging process
helps to boost your veggie and fruit intake. Follow along with my 2nd 60 day juice fast I will keep it %100 with you!!

My Memorable Moments from 2013

I met my goal weight for 2013…so excited about that…. I started my weight loss journey in 2009 so all the before pictures are 2009 to 2013. I have lost 65 pounds and 6 pants sizes……stay tuned for 2014 results………Here is my weight loss story if you have not read it.. and here

I had my natural hair pressed for the first time in 2013 in two years and I loved is the link


I became a vegan which means I do not eat meat or any kind of dairy products. I was a vegetarian for 1 year before transitioning to vegan. It has been hands down one of the best decisions I have made thus far……Here is the link


The hubster and I finally joined a church that we love Word of Faith Family cathedral Where Bishop Dale Bronner is the Bishop. We love the church and his teaching with God in control we can not fail….

2013-10-06 10.36.57

I had the bomb 42nd  birthday dinner in 2013 with some amazing friends!!!!!!!!

I bought a jucier in August and have been making juice for breakfast and lunch ever since. It is the best way to get all of your intake of fruits and veggies my friends… I also completed my very first 60 day juice fast from June to Aug 2013.Here is the link to find out about the below juicer.

2013-08-13 22.48.39

I have partnered  with some amazing clients in completing product reviews.

I attended some great events in 2013 with my beautiful friends!!!!

I have made and bought quite a few vegetarian and vegan meals over the last year!!!Learning how to eat what I love vegan style has been a challenge but I am up for it!!!!!!

Last but not least I have been married to this amazing beautiful sexy, handsome man for 13 years this year!

This has been an amazing year and I am  looking forward to 2014 and what it will bring. Happy new year my friends I hope and pray that you and your family be blessed.

Ozeri Digital Bath Scale Review

71m5c3GIFfL__SL1500_Journey of a chocolate chic has partnered with Ozeri again and I am thankful for the opportunity. As you all know I am all about eating healthy and working out, therefore Ozeri sent me their Digital Bath Scale with Elector-Mechanical Dial. There is no doubt that this scale is accurate.

Ozeri Digital Bath Scale

Synchronized electro-mechanical Dial and LCD automatically illuminate and instantly point to your weight in lbs and kg, for easy-to read results in all light conditions and from any angle.

It uses 4 high precision GX sensors that weigh up to 400 lbs (180 kg) in 0.2 lbs or 0.1 kg increments,  For more information on how you can obtain one of these beauties you can go to

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