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Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

Sarah Orrico weight loss story

Check out Sarah’s story and see how she lost weight and took control of her health.
Sarah Orrico’s Weight loss Story
Basically I have always been overweight, ever since I can remember (I am 20). I have struggled with my weight all my life and tried basically everything. From fitness camps for two summers,  WeightWatchers, NutriSystem, and a personal trainer. I basically tried everything that I could at such a young age and nothing worked. I would lose weight with a  few of the above but I could never keep it off. Growing up as an overweight teen was really hard because I was bullied a lot and had horrible self-esteem issues.
Around Christmas time last year I was at my heaviest weight and I didn’t even want to leave the house or see my friends because I was really depressed.I heard about a weight loss surgery from my mom I was really apprehensive about it and did not want to do it because I had heard bad things from other people who had it. I did a lot of research and made the decision to met with a surgeon and he told me that it was definitely a possibility to do the surgery. He recommended the Gastric Bypass surgery because I was so young and overweight that this would be the best option for me (I was considering the Sleeve).20140324-145242.jpg I remember crying when we decided to do it because I could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel I finally felt like there was hope for me. We set a date for  (July 31st 2013).
I started working out and eating healthy to prepare myself for my new lifestyle.  I started  my weight loss journey on June 5th and lost 35 pounds before the surgery.
I had surgery on July 31st and I have lost a total of 129 pounds (98 pounds since surgery). I honestly am so happy with the decision I made. I don’t like telling a lot of people because I’m afraid people will think I “took the easy way out”, but you know what, I have honestly been through hell doing this. I have tried to lose weight the natural way and I just couldn’t succeed no matter how hard I tried I really needed an extra push. It has been one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. It is definitely NOT easy. I am so proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I am still continuing on my journey and can’t wait to see what happens in the future.
Thank you Sarah for taking the time to share your weight loss story  I wish you much success on this journey. If you would like to follow Sarah on her social media platforms for inspiration here are her handles
Instagram: sarahorrico and Twitter: _loud and
proud you will become



Rikki Dee’s story of how Ebony fitness came to life.

ebony fitness

I was so thrilled when I found Ebony fitness account on instagram. This page is dedicated to men and woman of color that are into fitness. When I  found the page I submitted my weight loss story and I was so excited to find that I been featured back in 2013. After following the account  I really wanted to share the owner’s story….See below Rikki Dee’s story of how Ebony fitness came to life.

Rikki Dee, Creator of Ebony fitness resides in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Marcell & their 7-year-old Pomeranian, Yoshi.In the fall of 2012 I suffered an injury to my right foot which immobilized me for nearly 16 weeks. During that time, my muscles in my legs would atrophy whereas many people would gain weight, I actually lost weight. I am naturally a slim person, with the metabolism of a hummingbird, and had hovered between 117 and 118 lbs since high school but I got down to 113lbs and hated the way I looked… to make matters worse I was hosting my 30th birthday party in a few months.

I decided to get in and stay in the best shape of my life as soon as I was cleared to work out. I immediately started looking for inspiration on the Instagram fitness accounts I followed. But the problem I encountered was that there was no one who looked like me, with my body type, or with similar goals. I was sickened by that startling discovery and started searching for men and women of color that I could relate to. FitnessShot MainHeadshot2014They were not hard to find… just hard to come across on the popular fitness accounts. I pulled the name @Ebony_fitness out of thin air and just started posting all of the beautiful cocoa brown, black as night, high-yellow, red bone and butter pecan colored bodies that I could find. It never mattered to me where someone was in their fitness journey because I respected  all “Men and Women of Color Dedicated to a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle”… plain and simple.

Today @Ebony_fitness, essentially a “shoutout or sfs (shout for shout) account” has nearly 22,000 dedicated followers and counting. The website is underway and new projects are developing.

As a Health & Fitness Advocate for minorities my ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between the mainstream fitness world while educating, motivating and inspiring change in our communities. I am helping to re-shape society’s view of fitness and give usm rebuilding my body and currently weighing a healthy 128 lbs.

You can follow Rikki at the below social media platforms:

@Email:  Facebook


Thank you so much Rikki for all that you are doing in the African-American communities: Keep inspiring, motivating and encouraging people of color to get off the couch and into the gym…….

Robert Richardson weight loss story

20140318-203916.jpgWhen I opened my instragram account back in 2012 I was always looking for motivational fitness accounts to follow. Then In 2013 I found Transformationfitnation and this  account shares people’s inspirational weight loss stories. What most of transformationfitnation followers did not know is that the owner of the account Robert Richardson had a weight loss story of his own. Please see his story below and be aware that upon completion of reading his story you will be inspired, motivated and encouraged.

Robert Richardson Age:26 Height: 6’8” Before Weight:460 pounds

How I Gained It: My whole life I was known as “Big Guy” or “Big Boy” because I was always the oversized kid in school and in my family. Everyone thought I needed double portions of food because of my size, which would have been okay if it was veggies and not doughnuts.

In high school, my best friend (now fiancé), would push me to cut back and to slow down on the fast food and my unhealthy eating. I would try to stop myself from going to all-you-can-eat wing night at my favorite restaurant every week, but I loved the image of being 20140318-203935.jpg“Big Rob” in high school and with my friends.

Once high school football was over, I received a scholarship to play football for Morgan State University, where I played offensive tackle at a weight of 360 pounds. I didn’t just gain the Freshman 15, I ended up gaining 60 pounds, thanks to late-night orders of fried chicken and fries.

Breaking Point: My first wake-up call was when my headaches and chest pain were so bad during my junior season of college football that I had to go to the emergency room. In the emergency room, my blood pressure was 160/120, and the nurse was surprised that I hadn’t had a stroke. She rushed to give me medicine through an IV to get my blood pressure down.

20140318-203908.jpgThen, when I was visiting my then-girlfriend’s mother for the first time in El Paso, Texas, I became light-headed and weak while walking up and down the hills, and my vision became blurry. My girlfriend and her mother rushed me to the ER and my blood pressure was up to 170/110. I was at risk for a heart attack, so they admitted me for the night and prescribed me blood pressure medicine. My father has high blood pressure and is diabetic. That same year he had slipped into a coma because he wasn’t taking his health seriously. I realized my weight was holding me back from living my dream of one day playing in the NFL. I decided to make a change once I step foot off the plane.

How I Lost It: The day after returning home I decided to take a jog around a park that was 1.5 miles wide. I didn’t make it the second time around because I was laid out on the grass, angry and disappointed in myself for getting to this point of being so out of shape that I couldn’t walk fast for 1.5 miles. I decided to join a gym to lift weights to help my weight loss process. I was clueless at the gym, since I had never worked out without a trainer or coach to tell me what to do. A guy at the gym named Brandon changed my life forever. He trained with me for five days a week and also did cardio with me, pushing me and always keeping me motivated when20140318-203901.jpg I felt like there was no progress. After a year of working out with him, I went from a size 7XL in a shirt, 62 waist, to a 3XL shirt, and a 40 or 42 waist. Now, I wear a XXL shirt and have a 40-inch waist.

Our cardio routine was four times a week and very intense. He told me I needed to start cooking my own food and trying out healthy recipes and to stay away from fast food, fried food and sweets. I started to cook my meals and eat six times a day. I also started drinking two gallons of water a day.

Now, I have started a fitness business called Transformationfitnation. I share my story and those of others who had to fight through adversity to change their lives. Now, I can go hiking, mountain climbing and enjoy traveling. Before, when I would fly on planes, I would have to buy first class or two seats because of my size, and it was becoming costly. I am able to shop in regular retail stores, I can enjoy theme parks. I can live my new life.

Thank you Robert for sharing your story please continue to motivate others. You can follow Robert @ Twitter: tfitnation , Facebook: Robert Richardson and Transformationfitnation on instagram to get your dose of daily inspiration.

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Veggie pasta salad

I was craving a pasta salad a few weeks ago so made I this veggie pasta salad and the hubster and I ate this big bowl of pasta in 2 days. Since becoming a vegan I have found that I need to make my own version of just about everything that I love. If you make this veggie pasta salad please tag me on your post on Facebook @ Journey of a chocolate chic  or instagram @journeyofachocolatechic1 good luck my beauties.

1 box of pasta

Veggie pasta salad

Veggie pasta salad

3 large carrots

4 small tomato

1 large onion

4 celery sticks

1 large cucumber

half bottom of  italian dressing

Who said a Vegan can’t be a body builder?

If you have been following my post the last few weeks then you know that I am currently into week 11 of a 12 week weight training program. So I begin researching vegan body builders and I found Jehina Malik Check out her story it will inspire you vegan or non-vegan.

“Black Love”

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