Rejecting the old and embracing the new!

bjfrazierOn This day I could feel God pushing me into a new season. The picture to the left is the mirror that showed me this. When I  looked at this picture I will admit that I could see that God was pushing me out of my comfort zone.

I was really feeling my new afro so I posted the picture on my face book page.My brother liked it so he added my blog name and tag line to it…….I loved it. It is such a beautiful thing when your family/friends can see that you are moving into a new season in your life. 1901385_426097847536251_438130261_nHe called me and  said you look so carefree” . Sometimes the people in your life will hold onto to who you  were and we have to be careful not to allow others to stop us from walking into our God given destiny. It will be uncomfortable at first but when a man begins to embrace the new and reject the old others  have no other choice but to do the same.


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