Lov’n it live vegan restaurant review!

Me and my brother Scott Lane at Lov'n it live resturant

Me and my brother Scott Lane at Lov’n it live restaurant

I had a meeting with my brother (Scott Lane ) to help him setup his blog(look for it soon it will be very inspirational) so I asked if he mind going to a vegan restaurant to create his vision?

He didn’t mind!…..(He lives a very healthy  non-vegan lifestyle) So I wanted to check out LOV’N IT LIVE vegan restaurant. It is located at 2796 East Point St. East Point, GA 30344.You can also visit their website at www.lovingitlive.com for more information.

The restaurant has great accommodations for your wi-fi needs and the waitress was very nice and welcoming. I bought the grape apple juice and my brother bought the stuffed avocado and the sea moss juice. Be aware that they will add a $5 dollar fee to your bill for dining in ….:(…..we were not ready for that I have not seen that before. The appetizers, soups and salads range from $12-$16.50. I would recommend LOV’N IT LIVE If this post influences you to check out this spot I would love to hear about your experience. You can send me an email @journeyofachocolatechic@gmail.com or leave a comment below.


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