60 day Juice fast for a healthier you!!!!!

Mean Green juice

Mean Green juice

On Jan 19th I will embark on a 60 day juice fast, and I will record here once a week my successes and failures of this journey. Last year June 21-August 21 2013 I completed my very first 60 day juice fast.  It was one of the best decision that I had made in a long time. I wanted to fast because I had a few prayers before the Lord that I wanted answered. I was listening to Paula White and I remember her saying “that the only way to break certain yokes is though fasting and praying”. I knew this growing up as a PK (Preacher Kid) but I needed to hear it again. So I started preparing for a spiritually healthy juice fast.I will not lie to you and say that it was easy because it was not; it was one of the hardest yet gratifying journeys that I have completed.

What God revealed to me

Purpose,Healing,Clarity,Forgiveness,Self Control,Patient,Love

Peace,Contentment,integrity,To thy own self be true, Truth,life.

How my body was transformed

Weight loss,Clear skin,Energy,Look younger,Control,No more PMS,lost inches,Healthier eating,No sugar craving,Craved more juice,Became vegan,No desire for processed foods,No desire for fast foods,detox.

Healthy benefits of Juicing

Pine apple juice

Pine apple juice

Juicing allows the body to get  all of the nutrients that it needs. The juicer breaks up the cells within the fruits and veggies and separates it from the pulp which allows the juice to go right into your bloodstream. Juicing helps to Cleanse and flush out the toxins and free radicals in the body.

What juicing does for the body

Rejuvenate the body
Gives you  energy
Gives the digestive system a break
You gain Spiritual awareness
You begin to sleep better,aids in detoxification,strengthen the immune system improve skin,helps to slow the aging process
helps to boost your veggie and fruit intake. Follow along with my 2nd 60 day juice fast I will keep it %100 with you!!


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