Jay bird bluebuds X headphones give away!!!!!!!!

untitledJourney of a chocolate has partnered with Jaybird to bring you this great bluebuds X headphone give away. These headphones are great for the active person’s lifestyle. I know when I frist started  my fitness journey running/walking the trails of Atlanta,ga  in 2011 without music I quickly realized that I needed some hot beats. So I down loaded music to my blackberry as well as the  Pandora app for back up. I find that music helps me to  focus on completing the miles that are allocated for that day. I had my music and was ready for a great run BUT I had the other problem… I had to hold my blackberry as  I ran and this was very uncomfortable. Until one of my running buddies saw me  struggling  and she  told me about the arm band. I wish I would have had these Jaybird state of the art headphones. They are hands free and they have a life time guarantee against sweat damage. The buds are designed so that there is no slippage as you are running, lifting weight or doing yoga. You have the choice to where them on your neck or tightly fitted to the head with a band. Tightly fitted to the head makes life so much easier Freedom-Headphonesbecause you can really get into a zone.  If you are like me  and like listening to music while you run hands free then this give away is for you.  The cool thing about this give away is that JayBird is allowing everyone to enter into this give away every day. Which means every day there will be a winner and it just might be you. That is the best thing about entering this give away… Entering everyday gives you a much better chance of winning. If you want to purchase your very own pair of JayBird Headphones right now you can go to http://www.jaybirdstore.com/s.nl/sc.2/category.2509/.f and if you want to enter  to win the give away you can go to  http://www.jaybirdsport.com/. I would love for one of my loyal fitness fanatics readers to win.. Good luck

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 About the headphones

 The bluebuds X not only deliver what you’d expect from headphones of this calibre, but they also pack some really nice surprises as well. Bluebuds X rewrites the rules of bluetooth audio, delivering outstanding performance that rivals the very best in mainstream wired headphones. BlueBuds  X is locked and loaded and ready for anything you can dish out. BlueBuds  X are simply the smallest bluetooth headphones in the world. add in the remarkable playtime, the bluebuds X are simply the most progressive bluetooth headphones available. BlueBuds X has the ability to lift the cord off your neck for super liberating without experience. The headphones can  be used either in the traditional under the ear wearing for music & calls, or over-ear, designed for those wanting a great sports music experience. They are compatible with any bluetooth stereo device such as iPod,iPod touch, ipad,ipad mini, android, blackberry, and more. Please check out the below video for more information on the JayBird X Bluetooth headphones.

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