Natural Hair Pressed!

20131106-163557.jpgI am so late on posting my natural hair pressed experience..:0,it happened in Aug 2013…. I hadn’t had my hair pressed in two years so I wanted a change. I also wanted to have my ends cut professionally because I had been cutting them myself. The hairdresser Nicole told me that my ends looked good… and in fact my hair looked strong and healthy. She asked me how was I finding information on how to care for my natural? I told her YouTube, and natural hair bloggers .She said my hair looked like I had been seeing a hair dresser on the regular.. I thought to my self “Aint nobody got time for that”……. If you are a natural looking to get your hair pressed you can check Nicole out at Healthy Hair by Nicole at Mister Keys Hair Salon 401 Six Flags Austell, GA. The pressed lasted for about two weeks I will really surprised but happy because I did not have to do anything to it but wrap it each night.


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2 thoughts on “Natural Hair Pressed!

  1. Michelle November 9, 2013 at 2:11 pm Reply

    Looks great!!! I was super nervous the first time I got my natural hair pressed out. My biggest concern was heat damage and if it would alter my curl pattern. It didn’t and I love it. Finding the right stylist is definitely the key.

  2. Journey of a chocolate chic November 11, 2013 at 3:16 pm Reply

    Thanks @Michelle this was my 4th time I think and I went to a real natural hair shop who understood to press but not to death…lol.. so I felt pretty good. But my first press was not so good my hair damaged and I had to cut a good bit of it to start over.. you live and your learn right….lol

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