Socially Yours Custom Invitations


Socially Yours began manufacturing distinctive social stationery in 1994. Beginning with just nine designs, Socially Yours has grown to include over 400 creative choices. I personally have five that I absolutely love with so many choices it was hard for me to make a decision. My first one is 0001148_207_4the African-American Expectant mom Baby Shower invitation to the left. I think this is such a beautiful picture with the belly showing and a rose in her hand. It captures the love this mother has for her unborn child. I am not expecting but I know so many ladies that are well… Here are your invitations ladies…. The second one is 0001368_207_4 the Audrey Hepburn breakfast party invitation to the right. I love this one so much because I have been dying to have a girls tea brunch and this would be the perfect invitation. I would ask all the ladies to dress in their finest dress with a beautiful hat and have a photographer come and take pictures. The third one is the 0001867_207_4African-American Bride Holding Pink Rose Bouquet Bridal Shower Invitation to the left. I was drawn to the this one not because I am thinking of getting married because “I am already married”…. but the hubby and I are thinking about renewing our vows within the next few years. And “YES” I will have other bridal shower and this would be the invite that I would send out to the ladies;I think it is very classy for a mature bride. The fourth is the 0003126_207_4Baby Girl with Hot Pink Floral Hat baby shower invitation. It is just the cutest baby shower invitation that I have seen in a very long time. Of course in  choosing this invitation you would have to know that you are having a girl. I love everything thing about this invite. Again I am not expecting but if I were this would be other one of my choices.  Last but not least is the0003090_207_4 graduation invitation I love this one because I will be graduating May 2014 with my Master’s degree in Information Technology. I love it because it is very nice and simply. I love that it has the graduation cap over the books in showing that this journey has not  been easy but well worth it. I have only chosen five of my top invitations please check out the website at to see all  of the invitations.


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