LifebankUSA “Peace of Mind” Car Seat Giveaway

544178_537187786325445_1117467416_nLife BankUSA is having  an amazing give away worth (231.00) on their face book page. They are giving away the Britax Marathon 70-G3 convertible car seat to three lucky winners.The Contest will run until midnight on 4/30/13 therefore you still have a chance to click this link to become a winner.

Lifebank_logo_RGB_w NewTag_ABOUT LIFEBANKUSA

As the only company that offers cord blood, placenta blood and tissue banking — and the first to release placenta-derived stem cells for a successful transplant — New Jersey based LifebankUSA is a technological leader that is pioneering key medical innovations in the field.  Owned by the Celgene Corporation, a world-class biopharmaceutical company, LifebankUSA also operates a robust donation program and collects cells from anywhere in the US for use primarily in advancing medical research.There’s only one opportunity to save your baby’s stem cells for the future… As an expectant parent, your baby’s health means 728X90-bannereverything. Right now, he or she is protected in the womb and will soon enter the world. The ability of stem cells to save lives via cord blood banking has proven successful for replacing abnormal or diseased cells, and treating life-threatening blood disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. For more information about LifeBankUSA you can visit their website at and their face book at


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