First Annual Valentine Dinner at Chow Baby Resturant

Photo Feb 09, 11 52 15 PMFebruary 9th 2013 my self and 9 other ladies met for our First annual Valentine dinner. One lady could not make it but she did send a gift. So it  was a total of 9 beautiful woman from all ages and background. We decided to have our dinner at Chow Baby restaurant on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta,GA, this was the second time that I had been to the restaurant and I fell in love with it then and the night I went with these ladies. When I arrived two ladies were already there, so we walked in together to put in our reservation for 9. We had to wait about 30 minutes for a table but that was ok because we all were arriving one beautiful lady at a time. As we waited outside we took pictures and talked and before we knew it our table was ready. Behind our table was other little table  we used as our gift  table so we all placed our gifts there and decided to exchange gifts before dinner. We pulled numbers from 1-9 out of a bowl and that  number would represent when we were able to pick our gift. All the gifts were amazing and the women were just as amazing we shared our  goals, accomplishments,dreams and more. Who says black women don’t get along… Then they lied because we do…….. Much Love to all my Sisters.. The photos on the top were taken by me and the photos at the bottom were taken by Tiffany Celeste OF Celeste Creatons…. Enjoy

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