Day 18 Of Green Smoothie Challenge

Day 18 and I feel really good, light and free as a bird. This has been one of my many challenges that I have continued to stick with. I must be honest on day 12 I was so hungry when I woke up. I had the hubby go to McDonald’s yes I said it….. to get me some hash browns I had four that morning.  Day 16 I was so hungry about 1100 pm that I ate onion rings and biscuits. On this day I did complete two smoothies for the day but on day 12 I did not drink a smoothie for breakfast or lunch I ate food. So out of 18 days 16 of them has been a success and two days has been unsuccessful but I feel pretty good about it. See below the improvements I have seen within myself as well as the and challenges I have had so far.


1. I no longer crave sweets.

2. I love eating fruits and veggie for a snack.

3. I crave green smoothies.

4. I am more discipline.

5. I have more energy.

My challenge

1. If I am out and I get hungry I am tempted to eat anything.

2. If I don’t prepare its easy to eat the wrong thing.

3. fruit is not cheap.

4. Going to lunch with friends.

5. Using the restroom every 5 minutes.

I am so thankful that I embarked on this challenge because it has taught me so much about my self and that is if I am prepared I am able to over come anything. A few years ago I would not have believed in myself that I would be able to stay with a plan such as this. Believe me if I can do it anybody can……. If you have challenged yourself on anything you can do it if you put your mind to it… (Mind over matter). I will complete a full review of my 30 day smoothie challenge Day 30 the good,bad and the ugly. I  will complete this challenge again soon so stay tuned for an update……It is 2013 what have you challenged your self to differently?


3 thoughts on “Day 18 Of Green Smoothie Challenge

  1. journey of a chocolate chic March 14, 2013 at 5:33 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on Journey Of A Chocolate Chic and commented:

    I will start a other 30 day green smoothie challenge March 15-April 15. This time I will only drink one smoothie per day. If you would like t join me see all the fruits that I use… We must do what we can to live a healthier life…. BjFrazier

  2. Virginia Gudiel March 19, 2013 at 1:07 am Reply

    Hey! Stopping by from BloggyMoms. =) I myself am jumping on the whole green smoothie bandwagon. I just purchased a NutriBullet in hopes that it will motivate me to consume some yummy fruit and veggie concoctions. I need more fruits and veggies in my life!

    Check out my blog and my other blog

    Good luck with your next Green Smoothie Challenge!


  3. journey of a chocolate chic March 20, 2013 at 1:33 am Reply

    Hi Virginia thank you so much for the love and support.. I am now following your blog as well and I am looking forward to your next post… Welcome to my green smoothie world I am on day 4 and feeling pretty good thus far.. I have been thinking of getting the nurtibullet myself I have heard some great reviews about it.

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