30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

2013-01-07 05.48.2830 Day Green Smoothie Challange

January 7th I embarked on a 30 day green smoothie challenge those of you that follow my blog know that I will take on a challenge at any given moment….lol… Today happens to be day 5 and my body has adjusted to the two smoothies a day.
I have one for breakfast and one for Lunch I must say I was very hungry the first day but after day two I was ok. I feel really light with a lot of energy and I can also tell that I have lost a few inches as well. I will give you an update on day 15 to let you know how things are going.

What I am Doing

I am Replacing two meals a day with a green smoothie.
Making sure to drink 8 glasses of water
Though out the day ( this is very important)

I cut up my fruits and veggies each night place in a baggy and refrigerate.
The next day I blend and drink.

For a snack I eat baby carrots and a pear.

For dinner I have a healthy vegetarian meal

What’s in my smoothie

1.Protein powder
2.pysliium ( fiber)
3 chia seeds (omega 3.6.9)
4 apple,pear,pineapple,strawberries,bananas and spinach

The vitamins I am taking so that my body has no deficiencies
For these 30 days

1.acidophilus ( source of friendly bacteria)
2. Calcium, zinc, vitamin d,iron,vitamin c and b12.
Since I am a vegetarian I take most of
These already.

2013-01-05 17.19.28

Benefits after the 30 days

Better digestion system

Lots of energy

You will be able to sleep better

lower Cravings for sweets

Your nails and hair will grow

Increased your exercises

You will gain mental clarity

Increased libido

My goal

Lose belly fat
Gain more energy though out the day.
Make the green smoothie a staple meal replacement.
Over all see great weight loss.
I am excited to see great results on day 30 stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

  1. regalrealness January 12, 2013 at 2:14 pm Reply


  2. journey of a chocolate chic January 12, 2013 at 4:02 pm Reply


  3. Alisa Harris January 14, 2013 at 2:10 am Reply

    keep me posted, I want to see how your body adjust to this. I may try this. the smoothie part is going to be my hard part but if this is going ot help me, I am welling to try!! so I will be paying attention…

  4. journey of a chocolate chic January 14, 2013 at 4:59 am Reply

    Ok I will keep you posted….. so far so good I feel pretty good, like I said the first day was the hardest. I will do a follow up on day 15, let me know when u want to do it. I will do it again with u next month if u like. Let me know we can support each other.

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