January Fitness Challenge Sponsored by fitspobook

January 2013 Challenge

I am taking on other challenge from fitspobook. This challenge starts January 1-January 31, 2013 wont you join me? I am excited about adding all these fitness routines to current routine. I will also continue doing the squats according to the Dec Challenge. I swear I have seen results….lol..

2012-12-25 17.34.00

To the left is a picture that I found on my instagram account and I thought wow this woman understood what it meant to add squats to her fitness journey because she has had great results. Now I know it takes time for everything so I am not looking for an immediate result but it sure would be nice….

My 31 Day Squat -A-Thon Results

2012-12-31 23.38.17The picture to left is a picture of my buns after the Dec squat a thon Challenge I see a big different. This is also my before picture for the January Squat-A.Thon starting Jan 1-Jan 31, 2013. I am so excited for this challenge because this means I would have committed to 62 days of squats which means my buns will begin to look a like the above.:)…I have on a dress I know I should have had on some running tights but I wanted to take the picture while it was on my mind.

My Jan 1-Jan 31, Challenges Join me if you like

1. January  Squat-a thon  Challenge

2. January Fitness Challenge above

3. 400 sit ups a day.

4. run 3 days a week.

5.Weight train Three days a week.

I will post pictures of me doing all of the above starting Jan 1,2013 this will help me to stay accountable as well as share my fitness journey along the way.I should see all kind of results come  January 31,2013. If you want change then you must first change.


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