Squat-A-Thon Challenge

I survived the Holiday Squat-A-Thon sponsored by fitspobook. The challenge started Dec 1 though Dec 31. I was very focused and committed to this challenge. I have committed myself to so many other fitness challenges so why not this one?? I committed to running three days a week (lost a lot of weight I will complete a blog soon on my weight loss) weight training and walking. I never thought to add squats to my fitness routine until this challenge was posted on a fitness group page that I  belong to. I am so proud to say that I have completed 31 days of squats……..whoot whoot yea me…. I did not take a before picture of my buns but I am going to continue this Squat-A-Thon challenge starting Jan 1-Jan 31 yep….other 31 days. I will take a before and after picture this time. See the below picture of all the muscles that squats recreate. The back,legs,calves and the buns. Squats are a girls best friends for sure….. 2012-12-26 13.43.39 If you would like to join me on this Jan 2013 squat-a-thon send me an email and we keep each other accountable. journeyofachocolatechic@gmail.com  Also check out the video on how to do squats the right way. I found this video on you tube before I started my challenge to make sure that I was doing them the right way.


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