“Why Not Create A Vision Board for 2013??”

My Magazine cut outs ready to be glued to my 2013 vision board

My Magazine cut outs ready to be glued to my 2013 vision board

For the last two years I have completed a vision board.  I use all the magazines that I’ve received though out the year. I cut out quotes,words and images, I also gather pictures of my family,friends and myself and post those on my board as well. I make sure to choose all of the above  that depicts how I see my vision for my  2013. If you are interested in creating a vision board see below all of the items you will need.

1. Magazine

2. Construction Board

3. Scissor

4.glue stick


What is A vision board?

My 2012 Vision Board

My 2012 Vision Board

It is a tool used to help a person to focus on his/her  life goals. It is a  board that will display what,where and how you would like to see the new you.

What does a vision board mean to me?

A vision board to me is change, hope and inspiration. I love putting the board together because it allows me to see my vision at that moment. I attended a vision board party in 2011 and it was really great to see others put their vision together. I have other vision board party to go to in 2013 and I am so looking forward to the beautiful energy that is always in the room.

A Vision Board will keep you on point

2011 Vision Board

2011 Vision Board

Another reason to complete a vision board  is to stay on point with your dreams and goals. When you complete your board you should post it on a wall that you will see every day.I have my 2011,2012 vision Boards  on my home office wall above my computer I stay inspired,

motivated and encouraged that my vision will soon come alive.

Please stay tuned for my finished 2013 vision board as well as the vision board party pictures.2012-12-16 22.47.38


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