Fashion Rocks Fashion Show!!!!!!

Five Local Designers had a fashion show at the W. Hotel in  Buckhead and the it was called FASHION ROCKS ATLANTA! A few of the designers were Shaye Blue, Cultivation Five, Tvachia, Red’s outfitter, The designers had nice vegetarian treats, a cash bar, live entertainment, vendors and what I love the most swag bags……  This group of designer raised money for Positive Growth, Inc. and all of their 2012-12-02 16.08.45-1proceeds from the Fashion show went towards the third annual Jingle Bell Jam; it’s a large holiday party for the children of Positive Growth along with 150+ Atlanta foster teens living in group homes when I spotted the event I said why not it should interesting. Me and a few of my girls planned to go and met in the front of the hotel well it never works out that I arrived first and quickly found out that valet parking was 15.00 well there was no way I was going to pay 15.00 for something I can do for my self. The valet driver informed me I could park down the street from the event.. wrong they were towing cars like crazy.. so I parked in the Lenox mall parking lot and walked to the W. Hotel and saved 15.00 in 5 min. I walked in and noticed that it was a different kind of scene then what I was use to.  I get to the front desk and the to the guy at the front desk barely checked me in.. I thought I could have just kept my money and just walked in for At the end of the night my girlfriends and I did met a girl who just walked in and did not pay..smh.. I look around and see girls we find a sit on the third row so that we can get a good look at the fashion pieces. This was my first time attending an up scale fashion show so I am excited. Then boom it starts and all of the clothes were nice but nothing I would wear. I was also a  little disappointed that they did not have one african american woman in the fashion show. They did have a african american male so that was good to see. We watched the show,talked,took pictures, laughed and most of all enjoying each other. Check out the pictures below by Tiffany Celeste of Celeste Creations…Enjoy


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