Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out 2012

What is Shecky’s Girls Night out you ask? Sheckys Girls Night Out mission is to create a social experience that empower and reward women to discover and socialize with their girlfriends.They made it clear that (No Boys Allowed)…….They have this event in many states though out the year. So I thought I would plan to attend with a a few of my friends. The Venue each year is at the The Biltmore Ballrooms 817 W. Peachtree St. NW Atlanta, GA 30308 right in the middle of downtown. Shecky’s was here in Atlanta for two days Nov 8-9 2012 we decided to attend on Nov 9th. We all rode together therefore we arrived together. We walked in and stood in line for our swag bag ticket and a wrist band stating that we had paid. It was not as crowded as it was the year I attended (2010) but it was still nice. The last time I attended the sway bag was so much nicer and fuller, I was hoping it would have been just as nice but it was not…:(… this was the only issue I had with the whole night and that feeling  lasted all of two seconds…lol….after we got our swag bag We went into the ballroom and there was an array of vendors laid out with great discounts on everything from earrings,necks,scarves,dresses,bow ties, shoes, makeup and more. The deals and the environment was so nice the feel of the place was such a great sense of freedom. We headed over to the free photo booth a photography that takes pictures of you and your girlfriends for (FREE) Marie Tiffany and I took our group photo and was told to check the website in a weeks for our photos. After the photo we noticed the lights were cutting off on us…. so we got the hint it was time to go. We were having so much fun that we did not notice the time it was 10:00PM an hour after they wanted to close…lol….We shopped, Took pictures, laughed and more it was such a fun event. If you are interested in finding out if Shecky’s come to your city check out there website at and you and your girlfriends can have a Girls Night Out with No Boys!!!!!!!!

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